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Genomics and Drug Discovery:   HENDRIX SM100

Microsonics ST30 - Personal DNA Sample Prep system

Applications – DNA fragmentation for NGS library preparation.

  • Provides high quality sample fragments from 300 bp to 1.5 Kb in single device
  • Tight fragment distribution for optimal yield and sequencing results
  • Automation allows up to 8 samples to be processed sequentially at the touch of a button - maximizes walk-away convenience
  • Flexibility to shear each sample to same or different shear sizes in a single run
  • Utilizes low cost Thermo Matrix 2D-barcoded storage tubes for decreased consumable cost
  • Integrated barcode reader allows for optimal sample tracking
  • Optimized for 50 µL of starting volume, significantly reduces sample consumption
  • Validated pre-programmed methods for size specific shearing
  • ST30_Sheared_DNA_sizes.jpg

    E. coli DNA samples sheared to target fragment sizes of 300 bp, 400 bp, 600 bp, 800 bp and 1.5 Kb by specifying the “Dial a DNA Fragment” settings.


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HENDRIX SM100 ultrasonic fluid processor

Applications – secondary compound recovery in low-volume tubes and microplates, assay mixing, bead suspension.

  • 2010 R&D 100 Award winner
  • Processes samples in 24-, 48-, 96-, 384-, 1536-well formats
  • Compound solubilization in minutes
  • Isothermal thawing of frozen samples in minutes
  • Open deck for easy access to microplates and vials
  • Flexible user interface
  • Small footprint fits lab bench top easily
  • Automation friendly

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