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Application Notes

Application Note 1001
  • Improving Triolein Measurement Accuracy in Mass Spectrometry Assays
    This application note describes the use of the HENDRIX SM100 ultrasonic fluid processor to release Triolein from the cell membrane bilayer and the RapidFire® technology to accurately detect native molecules. The combination showed significant improvements in MS assays triolein measurement accuracy.

Application Note 1002
  • High-Quality Acoustic Instruments Compound Screening Duet
    This application note summarizes the high-quality compound screening process roadmap combining the use of HENDRIX SM100 ultrasonic fluid processor and high-throughput acoustic dispensers. HENDRIX SM100 protocol settings for common acoustic-friendly compound storage plate types are also available in this note.


DNA Shearing
  • High-Throughput Ultrasonic DNA Shearing for NGS Sample Preparation
    This poster shows DNA and Chromatin fragmentation data generated by the Microsonics ST300 system™.

  • A Duet of NGS Sample Preparation Techniques
    The Microsonics ST300™ system and the Fragment Analyzer™ system provide a high-throughput NGS sample preparation solution. This powerful duet avoids the excessive use of expensive consumables , offers great flexibility and provides considerably higher throughput than others.

  • Compound solubilization
    • Improve the integrity of your fragment library for fragment-based drug discovery
      The data presented in this poster shows that the HENDRIX SM100 ultrasonic fluid processor can be used to recover precipitated fragment samples back into solution, and increase the sample concentration and thereby improve the accuracy of the screening results.

    • Ultrasonic mixing & solubilization data
      This study performed by AstraZeneca shows that the HENDRIX SM100 ultrasonic fluid processor improves compound solubility and assay reproducibility. The HENDRIX increases compound potency in lead profiling and the total number of active compounds identified. These advantages led to the conclusion of implementing the HENDRIX SM100 in Compound Management and HTS at AstraZeneca.

    Assay Mixing
    Technology overview

    Press Releases

    • April, 2011
      Second-generation HENDRIX product targets primary compound solubilization.

    • August, 2010
      Microsonic Systems enters Asia-Pacific market by partnering with Bio Laboratories and Kiko Tech.

    • July, 2010
      Microsonic Systems HENDRIX SM100 Ultrasonic Fluid Processor wins 2010 R&D 100 Award.

    • April, 2010
      Secondary recovery significantly improves screening quality of fragment libraries.

    • February, 2010
      Microsonic Systems HENDRIX SM100 now serving four applications - solubilization, thawing, mixing and suspension.

    Past Events

    • November 7 - 9, 2012 - ASHG (American Society of Human Genetics) Conference and Exhibition, San Francisco, CA, USA. Booth # 618.
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    • February 6 - 7, 2012 - SLAS Conference and Exhibition, San Diego, CA, USA. Booth # 638.
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    • February 6, 2012 (12:00-12:30PM) - Podium Presentation: Increasing throughput of DNA Library Preparation to meet emerging needs of Next Generation Sequencing
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    • March 27 - 31, 2011 – SBS 17th Annual Conference,Orlando, Florida. Booth # 925
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    • August 26, 2010 – Press release: Microsonic Systems enters Asia-Pacific market.
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    • July 9, 2010 – Press release: HENDRIX SM100 wins this year’s R&D 100 Award for its technological significance.
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    • January 29 - February, 2011 – Lab Automation 2011, Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA. Booth # 378
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    • June 1, 2010 – GEN assay tutorials: HENDRIX SM100 re-solubilizes fragment precipitates and can increase yields.
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    • May 10, 2010 – SelectScience SBS interview: SVP Bruce Jamieson presented HENDRIX SM100 for rapid compound solubilization.
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    • April 11-15, 2010 – Society for Biomolecular Sciences: SBS 2010 16th Annual Conference & Exhibition Phoenix, AZ
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    • January 23-27, 2010 – ALA LabAutomation 2010: Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA Come see us at Booth 167!
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    • December 1, 2009 – LRIG Bay Area Chapter: Integrating New Automation Tools into the Laboratory Workflow.
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